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Founder & CEO Lynn McCroskey


Lynn has more than thirty years of world-class experience in creating innovative technology.  He has been responsible for hundreds of projects completed on six continents.  As Chief Executive Officer for Oxmoor Corporation and Sonics Associates, Lynn was the primary architect of both companies' growth strategies and oversaw worldwide operations including offices in Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia.  He supervised teams that conceived the award-winning sound systems used since 1981 in IMAX theatres around the world.  Lynn created Oxmoor Corporation in 1985 as a subsidiary to Sonics, a company that he cofounded in 1971.  Under his leadership, Sonics produced the first digital sound tracks and playback hardware for motion pictures.  He holds patents for 3D sound localization technologies that have been used to produce sound tracks for films by Columbia Pictures, Todd AO Sound and Walt Disney Studios.  He has served as a sound consultant for Tri-Star Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Yamaha International and numerous other companies and was the executive in charge of sound technologies for the "Back to the Future" and "Jaws" attractions built for Universal Studios. Due to his list of achievements, Lynn was awarded the Samuel L. Warner Award by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) for his contribution to Motion Pictures.

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